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Write For Us

Here at New Frontier News, we are constantly searching for people to share their own news stories and to help writers break into the journalism world.

We are currently looking for columnist and interest blogs. These can range from political commentary to sports to weather.

They have no bounds and are only subject to quality checks and fact-checks (as every other article is subject to these).

We are also looking for normal journalistic material; news, feature stories, opinion pieces, and investigative reports.


These are requirements to become an affiliated writer at New Frontier News.

  • Must be over 16 years of age
  • Must be able to write at an 8th-grade level
  • Must not be actively running for public office (you can be affiliated with us but cannot publish articles until after the election)
  • Must have an email
  • (Optional) Have a Discord account

Submission of articles

To submit articles you have two options. You can either submit an article to our email ( or you can send your article to our discord.

We prefer all articles to be in 12 pt New Times Roman and singled space. We prefer docx files but we will also accept Google Doc files.

Our minimum word account is 250 words and our maximum word count is 3000 words.

All articles will be reviewed within 12 hours except when submited after 10pm EST and before 6am EST.

All articles are public domain, though authors have the right to remove articles from our website and our affiliates.

We currently do not pay writers. We will place any type of crowdfunding site link to writer articles.