By Gage Simpson

Owner of New Frontier News

Sunday, May 12, 2019

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS) – An American Airlines pilot was removed from his flight and was arrested on May 11 at Louisville International Airport in connection to a 2015 triple murder.

Christian Richard Martin, 51, is being charged with three counts of homicide, one count of arson, three counts of evidence tampering, and attempted burglary.

He was arrested as he was about to fly a plane from Louisville to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ashley Martin and her mother Frances Wise were about to board the plane when they were told that their pilot had been arrested.

Frances Wise first thought that the pilot had been arrested because he was intoxicated, but later learned the real reason later that day.

t was very tense,” Wise said. “I think it was very tense. You could tell the employees knew something was going on.”

“It’s startling,” said Martin, who has no relations to the accused. “It’s scary to think this happened so long ago, and they’re just now getting around to catching the guy.”

The arrest occurred because of the 2015 murder of Calvin Phillips, Pamela Phillips and Edward Dansereau in Pembroke, Kentucky.

According to Attorney General Andy Beshear’s office, Calvin Phillips was found shot to in his home in Pembroke. A few miles away his wife’s car was found on fire in a cornfield. Pamela Phillips and their neighbor Edward Dansereau were both found dead inside.

Christian Martin was police’s top suspect, as Martin living next door to the Phillips.

Martin was taken into custody after the murders but was released.

After the murders, Martin moved from Pembroke to North Carolina.

Martin is being held without bond and will be moved to Christian County to be put on trial.


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