By Gage Simpson, Owner Of New Frontier News
Monday, September 10, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- St. Lucia is one of those beautiful tourist destinations that you might head to during the summer on a cruise ship. It is well known for its beauty and what many refuse to talk about, its corruption.

The island has long had an issue with its corruption and the current administration is no different from the many before it, but things have gone so far down the rabbit hole that even a former prime minister is calling for the people to recall the current government.

In a rally held on Sunday, Dr. Kenny Anthony called the government ungovernable and that they have passed a point of no return.

“The time has come to bring an end to this madness sweeping this country,” Anthony said. “We have crossed the threshold, the point of no return. We have reached the point in this country where it is ungovernable.

He said not too long after this that the people should use their democratic powers to recall the government.

“There is a government we no longer can trust,” he said. “You now need to use the tools democracy has given us to remove this regime from office. The madness has to stop. There is a government in office who can no longer manage the affairs of this country.”

Anthony called for a similar recall that happened in the 1990s to replace the government.

“We have to get St. Lucians to work together just like 1991-92 when St. Lucians decided when enough was enough so too because we have a crisis in governance, we have to take this country back again,” the former prime minister said.

One of the major points brought up by Dr. Anthony is the government’s willingness to privatize state industries, including health care, with the St. Jude hospital’s management being at the forefront of the issue. Management of the hospital is being contracted out to the highest bidder, which Anthony described as having no real reason they should be running the hospital.

Freedom of speech and press have also been stifled by the current administration according to the current opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre. He claims that the current admin is banning writers and stories that challenge the current governing parties’ ideology.

One form of corruption that is not talked about much is that drug trafficking is a major source of income for the island. According to an anonymous source, many of the largest businesses on the island are rich not because of the island’s natural wealth, but because they act as places to launder money and as proxies for drug runners in the Caribbean.

Many of these drugs come from Venezuela and Columbia and make their way through the Caribbean on their way to the USA. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s Caribbean division in 2015 that nearly 95 tons of cocaine pass through the Caribbean with St. Lucia being the first stop for many smugglers.

Drugs are commonly sold in hotels by locals and even the management. It is not hard for a tourist to get some cocaine or weed while they are relaxing in one of the countries many resorts.

The government turns a blind eye to many as they are usually bribed or are in the drug business themselves. Some of the police are even relatives to the drug runners, and they will help cover the deals and trafficking. Even some of the highest officials in the St. Lucian government are dealing in drugs.

A former advisor for the government has also called out the current government for being too corrupt and selling out its own people.

We are going to call him Adam, as to protect his identity, claims that while the Anthony administration was not the cleanest it was much better than the current one and that the Anthony regime would not have sold out the people of St. Lucia.

“Deals were made for this government to take office, the St. Lucian people do not understand what is really going on, this prime minister is very hard headed,” Adam said in the interview. “He is blocking us out and it is becoming very scary, he is getting his advice and listening to people at the top, very dark forces at the top have his ear and they will turn this country upside down.”

Adam told us that he believed that if no action is taken that St. Lucia and the Caribbean will be a hard place to live for everyone.

“We are trying our best to advise him, but he does not listen to us,” he said. “Take my advice and get out of St. Lucia and the Caribbean while you can because what they will do to this country will be very ugly. They will bankrupt this country and they will break it.”

Adam has called for the people of St. Lucia to act against the current government before it becomes too late.

“People look at this Prime minister and they do not even know what or who they voted for, what has St. Lucians done,” Adam continues. “They really do not know who this man is. Threats and payoffs got them into power and other things I cannot talk about. St. Lucians have to wake up before it is too late. The one thing the St. Lucian people must do is protest, they need to protest, the time will come when the people will have to rally and take to the streets and take their country back.”

Adam also claimed that there were closed deals during other administration, but these were nothing in comparison to the current round of deals to bad actors trying to sell the country to the nations like China or business interests from America and Europe.

He also claims that votes were paid for by the current government and that the police were also paid off to not arrest voters for voter fraud. Some, according to him, made thousands because of the number of times they voted.

The St. Lucian people are acting. Rallies in Castries City have become a weekly thing with Sunday’s rally having thousands of people in attendance. While corruption is a common thing for many in many nations.

None, no matter political views or beliefs, should stand idle as a government is used as a get rich quick scheme while leaving the people of its nation high and dry. All nations, small and large, should act in good faith to its people.

We will be known in the coming weeks and months if these rallies and calls for government change will take fruition. Only time will tell if the St. Lucian people will fight corruption or let their nation fall further into the depths of greed and total lack of care for basic human dignity.