By Bella Lamb, Guest writer
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

(NEW FRONTIER NEWS)- Last October, now 7-year-old Naomi Vaughan was digging at her sister’s soccer game when she discovered a strange rock. She kept it, saying the swirls reminded her of the necklace from Disney’s “Moana.”

Naomi’s mother, Melissa Vaughan, could tell there was something special about the rock.

“I can’t believe you just found that,” she said to Naomi. “It could be millions of years old.”

Naomi’s dad said that she knew it was something special.

“She knew it right away,” said Darin Vaughan, Naomi’s dad. “I’m not sure I would’ve.”

It turns out, the “rock” is actually a fossil called ammonite. Ammonite was a sea creature that existed more than 65 million years ago.

The fossil is common, but not in Bend, Oregon where it was discovered. It is common near Mitchell, over 80 miles away.

Because paleontologists know so little about the fossil, it’s not scientifically significant, Greg Retallack, director of paleontological collections at the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History told CNN.

Retallack believes the fossil originated from the Bernard Formation of Bernard Ranch near the abandoned eastern Oregon town of Suplee – about 112 miles east of Bend.

How it ended up where it did is still a mystery, as is where it came from.


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